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I realize you posted this ages ago, and I hope beyond hope that you have since grown up.

To speak of Okey in this way--and publicly--is a clear indication that you have no sense of art, of life, of what it means to respond to the world in which you're in. To be in the same room as Okey Chenoweth is a gift, and I'm sorry that you were blinded by self-importance to see that.

Reconsider your words, spoken of a man, who, above all else, teaches his students kindness.

Why post such hateful words?

--former high school student of Mr. Chenoweth

Former student of Mr. Chenoweth

Your a huge bitch. Mr Chenoweth is a good man- disorganized, maybe, but wow, i cant wait for karma to come back around and bite you in the ass...PS, you should check what ppl write about you on the internet, apparently your acting SUCKS....not suprising. Have a good one!

GRHS 2001

I agree. You suck. Your blog is horrible. Your acting is probably worse. Mr. Chenoweth, rest in peace, was an inspiration for thousands of students. What have you accomplished in your life? I hope you feel stupid and retract this post.

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